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Ages 3-4    Tiny Tigers


Through our fun structured learning environment, our K-Tigers will learn at an early age to develop life-long characteristics of a martial artist.  By going over the basic fundamentals of Taekwondo, our K-Tigers will achieve better focus, self-confidence, self-control, and respect.


Ages 5-6    Little Tigers


Being part of a positive and encouraging atmosphere, our Youth students will develop higher concentration and coordination skills while burning off excess energy.  With the importance of respect and courtesy, students learn the significance of self-control and cooperation.


Ages 7-9    Junior Tigers


With a different approach of exercise and self-defense, the Cadets are given the chance to learn the details of the sport competition side of Taekwondo, along with having the leadership and courage of a black belt as well as staying healthy mentally and physically.

Ages 10+  Cadets-Adults


Our cardio workouts and poomsae will push our Teens/Adults to their limits of endurance, flexibility, power, speed, and agility through Taekwondo.  Each class will help towards goals and accomplishments, while improving ones ability to making proper decisions over the mind and body.


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